By being a Certified Learning Skills Educator from Academy of Life Skills, you can start your practice and transform your passion into profession enhancing your EARNING POTENTIAL.

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Learning Skills Educator

“Helping children means helping humanity for generations”

Learning Skills Educator, certified from Academy of Life Skills, works to enhance the learning skills of children with Specific Learning Difficulties. Learning Skills Educators plan and implement individualised instruction based on the very successful remedial method “Open Sesame Learning Magic”.

A Learning Skills Educator imparts remedial instruction to a child in one–on–one, duo or small group settings. Learning Skills Educators start the remedial instruction with a comprehensive assessment. Assessment is focused to identify the areas of skill deficit and the child’s learning style and pace. Educators consider the weaknesses and strengths of the child, also, the environmental opportunities and constraints, to set goals and specific activities.

Learning Skills Educators guide the children to develop cognitive strategies to overcome their academic difficulties. They work on the underlying causes of skill deficits and help the struggling learners to enhance their learning ability.

Children with Learning Disabilities are backward in academic performance due to their difficulty in reading and writing. These children show a discrepancy between their intelligence level and academic performance. They find it difficult to make progress in basic academic skills like reading, spelling, writing and arithmetic from the conventional methods in the classroom.  Learning Skills Educators help them to develop these skills by utilising the Open Sesame Learning Magic. By making progress in academic skills these children are able to improve their academic performance.

Up to 10-20% of children in every classroom struggle to read, write or do arithmetic. Remedial intervention helps them to enhance the academic skills and achieve success in schools. And if they do not get the special instruction to enhance the academic skills it would remain as a seriously disadvantaged condition throughout their life. 

One of the major challenges faced by the parents of children with learning difficulties is the scarcity of resource centres and professionals. Parents, teachers, school management, society, and children themselves are in search of appropriate methods of remedy and trained professionals for learning disability.

Academy of Life Skills renders training to become Learning Skills Educators.  Learning Skills Educator Certificate Course helps you to become a Certified Learning Skills Educator. Our training programme equips you with the knowledge, skill and resources to help people with specific learning difficulties.  The eligibility for joining this course is graduation. Learning Skills Educator Certificate Course empowers you to transform your passion into your profession.