The current statistics show that 10 to 20 percentages of school children are affected by Specific Learning Disability. Many studies in India shows that more than 30 % of school children perform below than their grade level in reading, writing and maths skills. The children who are not progressing in reading and writing may remain as consistent underachievers in academics and some of them drop the school after some years of struggle.


Researches indicate that Learning Disorders are neurobiological in origin, meaning that the problem is located physically in the brain.
Learning Disorder is a functional problem of brain which arises from

  1. Genetic factors
  2. Environmental causes during the antenatal, perinatal or post natal period.


  • Not very rare.
  • Not caused by poor teaching.
  • Not the direct result of family problems.
  • Not the lack of effort by the student.
  • Not a disease.
  • Not a medical problem.
  • Not a problem that will go by itself.
  • Not a problem of low intelligence level.
  • Not a problem happening to children with high IQ only.
  • Not the result of difficulties due to visual or hearing handicaps.
  • Not seeing letters backwards.
  • Not a problem of economic disadvantage.
  • Not the result of lack of educational opportunity.
  • Not a problem due to cultural differences.
  • Not a problem found in affluent families only.