Foundation Course in Specific Learning Difficulties

Foundation course helps you to have an understanding of Learning and Attention Disorders. First level also covers topics which helps you to understand the causes of poor school performance. Foundation course enables you to help students to organise a lesson.

The first two levels prepare you to understand the principles and methods of ‘Open Sesame Learning Magic.

Key Focus Areas of Foundation Course

  • Introduction to Learning Disability
  • Poor  Scholastic Performance in children
  • Characteristics and Types  of  LD
  • Identification of Children with SLD
  • Brain and Nervous System
  • Causes  of Learning Disability
  • Language Development and LD
  • Intelligence
  • Aspects of Child Development
  • Study Skills
  • Teaching Lesson Simplification
  • Multisensory  Method of  Teaching
  • Brain Gym / Kinesiology
  • Introduction to Open Sesame Learning Magic

2 Days

Graduation in any discipline