The difficulties due to Learning Disorder can be overcome by appropriate and timely remedial instruction. People with Specific Learning Disorder who receive appropriate and timely intervention can achieve success in school and life. Early intervention helps to prevent accumulation of academic problems.

Remedial training in time helps them to acquire and develop academic skills and to achieve success in school, college, career and other life situations as if there were no learning disability. Direct instruction in the skill deficit areas is the best method for overcoming Specific Learning difficulty.

Open Sesame Learning Magic is an appropriate remedy for Specific Learning Disability. A certified Learning Skills Educator can help children and adults with Specific Learning Difficulty to overcome the problems of reading, writing and numeracy skills using the Open Sesame Learning Magic with a tailor –made approach by identifying each one’s needs.

The Challenge

  • Lack of awareness about the Learning Disability and ADHD
  • Children suffer in school without being identified of their problem, and are often labelled as lazy, dull, dumb etc.
  • 5 to 20 % of children in a class have learning difficulties
  • Lack of professionals specialised in Learning Disability
  • Lack of awareness about proper remedial methods
  • Children with Learning Disability need intensive individualised training to overcome their learning difficulty.
  • Teachers lack the time and resources to attend the individual needs of these students
  • Teachers have to focus on content teaching
  • Teachers in higher classes find it is difficult to deal with the lack of basic skills along with the demands of curriculum
  • The children have to suffer lifelong if they are not getting the appropriate remedial help in the childhood.
  • Parents, teachers, school management, society, and children themselves are in search of appropriate methods of remedy for learning disability.
  • It is the right of children to have the opportunity to get the help to overcome the difficulty

Need of the Hour!

  • Sensitisation to the professionals, teachers, parents and general public about learning disability. A sensitised society identifies the learning problems at an earlier stage. 
  • Give remedial intervention to the learning problems at an early stage itself. Otherwise it will overgrow as impairment. Earlier identification and remedy is important for each child with learning difficulty.
  • Development and spreading of proper remedial methods
  • Development of resource persons in remedying the problems of reading, writing and arithmetic difficulties.
  • Spreading of the remedial method “Open Sesame Learning Magic” so that all children with learning difficulty will get appropriate remedial instruction at an early stage of their education.
  • Development of Learning Skills Educator, who can give remedial instruction by using “Open Sesame Learning Magic”.