Certificate Course in Open Sesame Learning MagicTM

Third Level focuses on the practical aspects of teaching Learning Skills and organising Learning Centres.  The core content of this course is Open Sesame Learning Magic. It familiarises you with the methods and techniques of Open Sesame Learning Magic.
This section also covers the assessment methods and ADHD management technique. This level imparts practical training in public speaking (sensitisation programme) and management of Learning Centre.  

5 Days

Graduation in any discipline

Successful Completion of Level 1 & 2

Key Focus Areas of Level 3 Certificate Course

  • Formal and Informal Assessments
  • Academic Skills Assessment
  • ADHD Assessment
  • Assessment of Preschool Children
  • Analysing and interpreting data - Practical Session
  • Preparing the plan (IEP)
  • Resolving the emotional problems related with LD.
  • Need to refer to other professionals for testing and treatment
  • Parent Counselling/ Empowering parents
  • Spelling Rules
  • Principles and Methods of Open Sesame Learning Magic
  • Remedial Instruction based on ‘Open Sesame Learning Magic’
    • Remedial Instruction in English- Reading, Spelling, Reading Comprehension, Writing, Content Studying
    • Remedial Instruction in Malayalam/Hindi/ Other Similar Indian Languages
    • Mathematics Intervention
    • Preschool Intervention
    • Worksheet/Flash Card Preparation
    • Parental Involvement in Remedial Instruction
    • Preparation of Teaching Aids
    • Managing Co-morbid Disorders and Using Strengths
    • Motivation, Reinforcement, Positive Thinking
  • Management of Learning Centre/Resource Room
  • Preparation and Presentation of  Sensitisation Programme
  • Importance of earlier Identification and Remediation
  • Provisions for Examinations, Alternative  Options