Open Sesame Learning Magic

Open Sesame Learning Magic™ is a very successful instructional programme to enhance the academic skills and the learning ability of Children with Specific Learning Difficulty. The term ‘open sesame’ implies “any very successful means of achieving a result”. Open Sesame Learning Magic™ is a proven remedial method which helps a child with learning difficulty to open the treasures of knowledge.

It is a strategic approach designed to enhance the academic achievement of children with specific learning difficulty by direct instruction in skill deficit areas using psychological principles of learning and behaviour training. Open Sesame Learning Magic helps the children with learning difficulties to become successful learners. Certified Open Sesame Learning Skills Educators can lead the children with Specific Learning Difficulty to overcome their difficulties in learning through remedial sessions of ‘one – on – one’ instructional settings. 

Children with Specific Learning Difficulties have difficulty in acquiring academic skills. The deficits in the academic skills impede the ability to learn the school subjects.  The academic skills refer to the skills such as reading, writing, spelling and numeracy skills. These skills are the tools and instruments of the child to do the academic works. Acquisition and use of these skills are important to have a good scholastic performance. It is here that the Open Sesame works its Magic, as a very successful means to achieve proficiency in academic skills. It works on the perceptual and processing difficulties. It helps the children to develop and use cognitive strategies that enable them to make progress in academic skills.

‘Open Sesame Learning Magic’ considers the following skill areas for remedy.

  • Reading and Writing Skills
  • Pre Academic Skills and Fine Motor Skills
  • Study Skills and Exam Taking Skills
  • Numerical, arithmetic and problem solving skills
  • Dealing with Comorbid Disorders and Strengths

The principles and methods of Open Sesame Learning Magic™ can be used in remediating reading and spelling problem in any language, which follows alphabetical system for writing, using the phonemes and graphemes of that language.

Open Sesame Learning Magic™ is a systematically designed programme. In each area of remediation, the programme follows definite procedure and practice methods. The programme developed, is based on the characteristic problems of Specific Learning Difficulty and the sequential nature of skill development in each area. Open Sesame Learning Skills Educator facilitates the mastery of academic skills through a step by step programme.

Customisation of the programme according to the strengths and weaknesses of each child is the key feature of this programme. The programme is designed in such a way that it enables the Learning Skills Educator to address the varying needs of children from preschool to secondary school. It can also be used on adults who have not developed literacy skills in their childhood and yet have sufficient intelligence and motivation. The children with borderline intelligence and difficulty in developing academic skills can benefit out of this programme. This will also be helpful for children without any learning problem. The Learning Skills educator can also deal with ADHD, other comorbid problems and emotional problems associated with LD. Learning Skills Educators are trained to formulate action plan with a holistic approach.

“Can you teach me the way I can learn” is the plea from children, with learning disability. These children are poor performers in one or more areas of academic skills like reading fluency, reading comprehension, spelling, writing arithmetic skills and study skills. They have difficulty in acquiring these skills in the way others are learning. However they can acquire these skills if we teach them in the way they can learn. Open Sesame Learning Magic™ carefully sequences the sub skills of academic skills in such a way that the learner can easily assimilate them. Learning Skills Educators helps the children with specific learning difficulty to become good in reading, writing and arithmetic skills through explicit introduction of the sub skills and guidance towards cumulative use of them independently. Along with enhancement of academic skills these children need guidance to polish their study skills. The Learning Skills Educator guides the children to meet the demands of curriculum in school.

Open Sesame Learning Magic™ helps the children with specific learning difficulty to learn without stress and strain. They can enjoy the learning process and be successful.